Clinical Psychology

A New Mental Health Clinic for London – and Beyond

We want MIMT to be available to as many people as possible. Our ground-breaking therapy is designed to help people deal with the difficulties of the modern world, so it should be accessible to patients from all walks of life.

Our vision is a network of unique Mirror Psychology clinics. We passionately believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to the therapy patients need. That’s why our business model allocates approximately 10% of profits for free MIMT for those on a low income. We’ll establish (and nurture) partnerships with charities, NGOs and the NHS, helping to identify patients who need MIMT most, and monitoring the social impact of our clinics. 

Our first clinic will open in London this year. Staffed by experts in their field with a common goal of improving peoples’ mental health, Mirror Psychology clinics will revolutionise the way people deal with the challenges of modern life. 


Sports Psychology

Clinics for Professional Athletes

Based on the principles of MIMT, The Mirror Training Method is a highly-effective mental training method for professional sportspeople. Through working with our therapists in front of the mirror, athletes are able to overcome stifling psychological issues and perform to their very best potential. As well as delivering this unique intervention, our clinics will be home to expert:

  • Sports doctors
  • Sports massage therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutritionists

Overall, Mirror Psychology clinics will be a one-stop shop, offering a complete solution for both the mental and physical health of professional athletes. 

International Expansion

In the long-term, our plan is to expand our clinics to Milan and New York, building a strong reputation and a franchise model that means MIMT can be delivered throughout the world.
A revolutionary method of helping people face life’s challenges